Day 5 – Ready for a real adventure today!

We started very early at school today to start our big adventure in the forest. We went by bus to Evo, a little village that mostly consists of a nature park. Our Erasmus+ team was split into two groups, one group started with an amazing paddling tour through the lakes while the other group started with a hiking tour through the old forest with trees of 150 years of age and even older. After lunch, the two groups changed and the second group was allowed to go paddling. We got a lot of information about the nature, beaver habitats and trees. The rangers told us how to live with the nature and what their tasks are at the university nearby. We learned a lot about how to live as a ranger and what the rangers´ daily tasks are.

After that we got together for a healthy outdoor lunch and BBQ with beautiful sunshine and the best weather we could probably ask for.
In the afternoon we went back the other way around with kayaking and hiking again along through the nice scenery and amazing wildlife.
At the end of the day all students were tired and happy at the same day! We say thank you to Team Finland for this unforgettable event in the middle of Finland´s nicest forests.