This is our German team:

Hello everyone!!

We are 18 students from Hannover, Germany. Our school is the Ludwig-Windthorst-Schule, located not far from the famous Hannover townhall.
We are all between 12 and 14 years old.

My name is Lea and I am 14 years old. My hobbies are to play handball and meeting up with friends. I like watching Grey´s Anatomy and listening to music. The bad points from me are impatient, emotional and sometimes I am a little bit egoistic. The good points from me are funny, curious, empathic and friendly.
I really liked the German exchange week. The things I enjoyed most were the travels to Hamburg and Wolfsburg and meeting new people. Would have been great it the exchange students stayed with us longer because the time flew by very fast.
While participating in Erasmus + I got to know many new people I would have never interacted with otherwise. Also my language skills got a lot better throughout the project.
I still want to stay in contact with my guest student and I hope that I can meet her again. In my opinion is the Erasmus + project useful because you can learn a lot in your life, and it is a very unique experience that you will never forget in your life.

My name is Lina and I am 14 years old.My hobbies are playing tennis and doing gymnastics.
In November 2017 I was in England for a week. The best things were the Roman baths and the trampoline park.
I liked the Erasmus + project because you were in a different country and you always made cool actions.
I would like to stay in contact with my guest student. When my guest student was with me, we often did something together or went to the city, for example.

Hello,my Name is Denise,
I am 14 years old I have a turtle and a brother .I like playing Football and the traditional English Food, fish and ships.
I am interested in Swimming and other sports. I wanted to be in the Erasmus + projekt because I thought it would be fun to do some new things and to get to know some
other cultures and People.I was in England and it was so emotional and fun to be there for one week and to do activities with my friends and also teachers.
I am super happy that we won one Pocal for our German Team. But I am also a bit sad that we just won one Pocal.
I searched a bit on the Internet about studying abroad and I liked it but Im not so sure if I can be without my Friends and Family for such a long time.
For me the Erasmus + projekt was funny, sad, interesting,…
I can’t even describe how it was, it was just perfect! Now I know that you have to watch what you buy and to always be there for something new.

My name is svea and i’m thirteen Years old.I like animals,to cook and to draw.
I don’t like rainy weather,horror movies or fights.I’m can draw well , i like to read and i can speak french.
I’m not so good on math.
My hobbies are to draw or to play with friends or my pets.
I really liked the week because it was a lot of fun and really cool.
The Erasmus+ project changed my life because now i have more fun to talk english.
I hope i can stay in contact with my guest , we don’t have plans for the future but we text us a lot .
I think the Erasmus + project is usefull because i have more fun to speak english now and i have a new friend from finnland. That is really cool.

I’m Leonie, 14 years old and my hobbies are gymnastics and swimming. I really liked the german exchange week, it was intressting and we got a lot of new expirience. We learned something of healthy livng , sports and nature. Our family life change in a small way, we look more for nature friendly things and buy for exampel more glas bottles insted of plastik bottles. My host student and I arent’n in contact, but maybe I will write a message at my guest student. I really like the Erasmus+ project, we got lots of diffrent usefull informations for our daily life and learned how to live a healthy live.

I´m Nadine and 13 years old. My hobbies are TA Win Tsun (martial arts) and swimming. The German exchange week was really intressting, funny and the activities we did were really cool. My Family and I for example buy now more glass bottles instead of plastic bottles. Unfortunately, we no longer have contact with my gueststudent. The Erasmus + Project is very useful because you:
First. Share an exchange and learn a lot about the other cultur.
Second. learn a lot about sports and healthy food.


Hello, my name is Maya and I`m 13 years old. I like to meet my friends and do activities I`ve never done before and I love to sing and dance. But I hate to have a conflict with my sister or other peoples! Good points of me are, that I like to help other people and I´m happy every time! But bad points are, that I´m very lazy and dance every time, so that my Sister is going to have a bad mood. I have a lot of hobbies! So, I do Yoga every Monday and I love to go paddling! I like to swim and to design houses or other things on the Computer, because I´m very creative.

The German exchange was a very cool week! I got great experience and I think it was one of the best weeks in my life! And of course, I will keep the contact with my host student! So, I hope we can see us again.

The Erasmus+ project effect something in my live! When I go to the supermarket I buy food that isn´t with plastic or I bug bio or Fairtrade food. And I don´t take little plastic bags for fruits.

Yes, I think the Erasmus+ project is useful because you can learn a lot of new things from other countries through the exchanges.

Hello, my name is Meret and I am 13 years old. I like my family, swimming, my friends and I like to help other people. I do not like unfriendly persons!
I am very helpful, social and likeable, but I have to admit that I am easily irritated, I often do not understand easy things 😀
My hobbies are swimming and dancing!

My name is Ines and I am 14 years old. I was born in Portugal, grew up in Africa and now living in Germany.
I like to go to the cinema and go shopping with my friends. But I also enjoy staying at home and spend time with my family. I spend a lot of time attached to my phone, probably more than I should…
My favourite hobby since I was a little girl is to go swimming and spend as much time as possible in the water.
I see myself as a quiet and shy person but I am trying to improve on that.
I found the German exchange week awesome, the activities and the pre-organized visits to the different places very interesting and amusing. I met new students and was able to communicated with them, to me that was the highlight of the week.
The Erasmus+ project marked me in a such a special way that it is difficult to believe that this beautiful and creative experience has come to an end. I really appreciate the fact that I was among the few students who were invited to participate in this project, I have tried to do my very best and take the most of this unique experience.
As expected, I was able to practice my English which has allowed me to make a lot of new friends from different countries. We have created a chat group to keep in contact and share our experiences.
The first days in Norway were very difficult because it was my first time
away from my family. The experience was important and helped me to know myself a little bit better. I still have contact with my host in Norway and maybe in the future I will invite her to come to Germany and spend some time here together!!

Name: Luca
Age : 14 years old
Dislikes : Cleaning the house, doing Homework, gardening, Sushi
Likes : Shopping with my mother, helping my father at work, traveling with my family (friends), going for a walk with my dog, hunter cutlet, Pelmeni
I am said to be cheerful, funny, helpful, creative, pet-loving
Bad points about me: sometimes lazy, stubborn, impatient, irritable
My hobbies: playing computer games, designing tinker on the computer, karate


Hello, my name is Tim, and i am 14 years old. My hobbys are „Parkour“, playing piano and jump on a trampolin. In all am i a positive person but i`m really impatient, i hate long waiting phases. I enjoyed the whole week. I need to say that I was at first  skeptical, becaus I didnt know how the week will be. But in the end was it way to short, at wednesday we and our exchange students first got really known about each other and then there was only 2/3 days left. The first days my dad wasnt at home and only my mom, who isnt the best eanglish speaker, my brother, I dont need to talk about him and me, it was a little hard at the beginn but we did it great, i hope :D. As my dad arrived it was way more easier. The week had of course an impact to my family, they dare more now to speak english. Away from the activites with the school, few of us and their exchange student met us and done things together and it was instand safe that we will go to them again or they will come back to germany again but we dont know what time. We all got good friends and the farewell was really sad.
I can recommend to everybody to do erasmus or another exchangeproject. During an exchange project you get known about other and diffrent cultures and more. And of course you learn better to speak with other people english like you will never learn in school or something. Its diffrent then write only on a paper.
It was great, with few long waiting phases ;D but great!!


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