The England, UK Team for this Erasmus+ schools project on the topic of Sports and Healthy Lifestyles, are from Saint Gregory’s, Bath, in the beautiful historic city of Bath, England.

The students began this project in Year 8, when they were 12 or 13 years old, and completed the project in Year 9, when they were 13 or 14 years old.

The UK team project logo was designed by Amber RB, Erasmus+ student from Saint Gregory’s, Bath.

“It was probably one of the best weeks of my life and I am very thankful to everyone who made this trip so amazing and incredible.” – Grace R, England, UK, who visited Finland in May 2018.

“I had such a great time and will never forget what an amazing experience it was. I learnt many new things that will always stay with me and I’m very grateful for such a wonderful adventure in Finland.” – Raffy B, England, UK, who visited Finland in May 2018.

“The school was very friendly and they made us feel welcome!”  “We spent a day in Hugo Park which is a massive high wire centre. We went through the different courses which got increasingly harder! We all praised and encouraged each other to carry on. It was so fun and we had an amazing time! On the last course we went on a huge zip wire which ended in a high jump of a small platform! We all used teamwork as they key to get around the course and helped one another get round.” “We all stayed with different host families and got a real feel for how they live. I stayed with a family who were very nice and comforting, a German student stayed as well. They gave us amazing experiences and memories which I will never forget! They cooked wonderful meals and took me to new places! They gave me the best experience and I would love to go and visit them in the future!” I loved visiting iittala and Finland! It was an amazing experience and I would do anything to go back there! My favourite part of the trip was Hugo Park as it was so fun. I also enjoyed doing things with my host family and all the children on the Erasmus trip! I thank everyone who was part of the trip and who made it happen and it was a great experience!”  – Evie G, England, UK, who visited Finland in May 2018.

“The Erasmus+ trip to Norway was a huge success, and an experience that we will always remember.”  “My favourite activities included the horse-riding, playing the serve-ball game with the other partner countries, and visiting the water-park in Kristiansund (a town which we had to travel by ferry to get to!) which was especially fun because of the high diving boards that you could jump, flip and do tricks off. However, I think that the best part of the whole trip was being able to meet and have fun with the students from partner schools. I especially enjoyed staying with my home-stay student and family, who were so welcoming and kind and made my trip so special and enjoyable!”  “We are so grateful to all the teachers and the students, and just everyone who made this trip so amazing! Hope we can come back someday!” – Amber RB, England, UK, who visited Norway in September 2018 .

“I really enjoyed Norway and was really happy that I made lots of new friends. I learnt some new skills about the culture in Norway, staying away from home, I think it built up my confidence, I feel more confident about meeting more people, and I have learnt more about sports and a healthy lifestyle. I hope to see everyone again soon!” – Jodi J, England, UK, who visited Norway in September 2018.

“The Norway trip was an amazing experience and I feel so lucky to take part in the Erasmus project. It was an invaluable experience to see how the Norwegian culture works and to see first-hand how children the same age as me live their life in another country. I am very grateful to my homestay family for putting me up and being so friendly.  Thank you so much for allowing me to take part.” – Niall O’B, England, UK, who visited Norway in September 2018.

“This is definitely one of the best experiences ever and I will never forget it.” – Rosie P, England, UK, who visited Norway in September 2018.

“It was an amazing week and was very sad to leave. We will miss everyone and I have made some great friends.” – Ben L, England, UK, who visited Germany in March 2019.

“The trip was amazing and I would love to go back again.” – Mackenzie B, England, UK, who visited Germany in March 2019.

“It has been so amazing to see students grow in confidence, and gain many varied positive experiences through participation in this Erasmus+ project.  It has given them valuable opportunities to go to new places, participate in numerous different activities, and make new friendships, equipping them with vital skills for life in today’s global society.  I know that memories of their Erasmus + experience will stay with them throughout their lives, encouraging them onwards to far greater future adventures.” – Miss Medcroft, International Co-ordinator, Saint Gregory’s, Bath – May 2019.

In May 2019, the International Co-ordinator from Saint Gregory’s Bath took part in a Skype meeting to the partner school in Finland, to talk with project colleagues from Finland, Norway and Germany.

The UK Team visited Germany in March 2019.


Whilst they were at school in Hannover, the UK team gave a presentation about Hamburg, including sport in the area.

Hannover Presentation by UK Team

The UK team were great cheerleaders for the sports tournament in Germany.

The UK students discussed food and drink in each country at Christmas – Christmas Food and Drink


Saint Gregory’s, Bath hosted the Transnational Project Meeting in December 2018 – TPM UK


The UK Team took part in an incredible week of activities in Norway – Norway trip report (by UK)


Linking to the theme of Healthy Lifestyles, whilst they were in Norway the UK students gave a presentation about farming – Farming (in Norway and UK) by UK team

Farming in Norway by UK team

The UK Team visited Norway in September 2018

The UK team participated in an amazing project week in Finland – Finland trip report


The UK team wrote the anthem for the start of the sports tournament in Finland – UK Team anthem

When they were in Finland the UK students gave a presentation about Rugby – UK Team Rugby presentation

The UK Team visited Finland in May 2018

The UK Team prepared their flags for the sports tournaments

The UK Team met to celebrate Christmas

Students from Germany, Noway and Finland visited Bath, UK in November 2017


Here is the Fair Play Award Certificate – Fair Play Award Certificate

Students visited White Row Farm (From Crop to Shop) as part of their investigations into healthy eating

At White Row Farm, students completed a worksheet – White Row Farm Worksheet

The results of the White Row visit can be viewed here – White Row Farm Evaluation

The students from Norway, Finland, Germany and the UK visited The Mayor of Bath

Students participated in a variety of sports workshops at The University of Bath’s Sports Village

Students completed a Sports and Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire setting goals for the project – Sports and Healthy Lifestyle Questionnaire

Examples of goals set by the students can be viewed here – Erasmus+ Goals

Inspirational Sports Talk by Dave Coales, Team Bath Athletics – Sports (marathon)

Sports Presentation by UK Team – Sports (St Gregory’s) UK Team

Healthy Lifestyle Talk by Sodexo

These are the rules for the new Sports Game devised by the UK Team, ‘St Greg’s Ball’ – Saint Gregs Ball

The exciting programme for the project week in Bath, UK can be viewed here – UK programme Nov 2017

Here is a link to our school website – http://www.st-gregorys.org.uk/





The Erasmus+ project co-ordinator for Saint Gregory’s, Bath, England is Miss D Medcroft.