Transnational Meeting in Finland, May 12 – 15 2019

Sunday May 12: Norway and Germany are on their way to Finland for the last meeting of our Fairplay project.
Right on time we all arrive in Helsinki and take the train or rental car to Iittala. And after a peaceful night in warm Finland, we were all ready to meet at the Finnish school in Iitalla. We uploaded a lot of project results onto our website and had a successful talk about the project and its results and evaluation. We also met the UK team on Skype for a short talk. 
In the afternoon we got to know one of Finland´s most innovative schools: VERY IMPRESSIVE! We were allowed to walk around and have a closer look at the new Finnish school system, how Finland is dealing with inclusion and they work with new technologies in school.
After this exciting visit we walked to a famous sight (Aulanko park and observation tower) and just spent some free time together, talking and chatting about our great times together. 
The next day we visited our partner school again and had a closer look at the Iittalan glass factory. We did some more evaluation and had an awesome evening at a lake with a smoke sauna, a hot tub and an indoor fire place with singing and guitars.
On Wednesday we all went back to Helsinki for a small trip around downtown with a visit to the Helsingin tuomiokirkko. 
What a great ending of a great project! 
Thanks to Hanna and her team for making some inforgettable memories at the end of the project 🙂