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Hello everybody – greetings from Norway

?We just got our t-shirts! And they look terrible! The t-shirts are coming with us to Finland, so you all can see.? Some of us have great ideas for our presentation, a dance! And we have made videos about the national sports in Norway, for example skiing, football and handball. We have also started planning for some activities for your visit in Norway. See you soon!

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Designing flags for Finland

After finishing the evaluation of our shopping tour (two weeks ago), Team Germany was ready for some creative activity. We started to design the flags for Finland and groups of two or three students were working on one flag. We did a lot of talking about the upcoming trip to Finland (thanks to Finland´s great work so far our six Finland travelers were even able to get to know the names of their host students!). All students travelling to Finland  will write an e-mail to their future host families during the next week, so they will be ready before Easter[…]

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