Transnational Project Meeting May 12-15th 2019
Iittala, Hämeenlinna, Finland

Sunday 12th Flights arrive: Germany 17.25 – rental car
Norway 19.45: transfer to Hämeenlinna by train at 20.56
Hotel Emilia (Norway) / Aulanko (Germany)

Monday 13th 7.40 Norway will be picked up by Mikko Jalava
c. 9.00 we meet in Iittala: Welcome, tour of school, coffee & cake with Erasmus -students
Project meeting: evaluation, Mobility tool etc
11.30 lunch in the school restaurant
12.15 meeting continues, Skype meeting with Donna Medcroft, International Co-ordinator, Saint Gregory’s, Bath, UK
13.10 we leave Iittala for a school visit
tour of school, introduction of new pedagogies
c. 15 Drive to Hämeenlinna: a visit to Aulanko park and observation tower

Tuesday 14th 7.40 Norway picked up by Mikko again
9.00 we meet at school
9-10 Project meeting, coffee
10.10-12.45 teachers attend lessons + visit to glass factory
(the glass shop is closed due to renovation, unfortunately)
12.30- 13.10 Finnish baseball outdoors (with 6th-graders)
13.15 back to hotels
17.30 Be ready for evening action:
18-21 Sauna & swim, food & drinks & relaxation by a fire at Könnölä
– traditional Finnish smoke sauna! Take swimsuits, towels will be provided!

Wed 15th 8.00 we drive to Helsinki
sights in Helsinki: Löyly (public sauna), Oodi (library), Cathedral
Flights back home 15.00 / 15.20

Following a lesson outside (“archeological site”!). Learning Finnish baseball

Working together A school visit in Hattula Fair play cake Finnish Erasmus group Erasmus teachers at Aulanko

Posters made By Finnish students on May9th Europe Day:

Slide shows from Norway and Germany cannot be uploaded (should be here)

Evaluation from trip to Norway:

We had a great time! My host family was the best. They showed me around and we sat and talked a lot. They made good food.

I learned that I could speak English quite well, especially with the Norwegian students.

We learned that Norwegian people are outside a lot, they are real nature people. They live a very healthy life.

I loved the horseback-riding, my horse was lovely! It wasn’t my first time, but almost.

It was fun being and playing with the other students. Unforgettable experience!

We did the cheerleading routines and that went quite well. At least we had fun. Others wanted to join us, that was great!

Evaluation from trip to Germany:

Our team was the best, we got the Fair Play award and that was fantastic!  We did get on well together and played as a team. I had a great week.

I learned to trust myself more. I thought I couldn’t speak English, but I managed quite well. Everybody was very nice and helpful!

The tournament was great fun although we didn’t win. But that’s not the most important thing.

Hannover was a nice city. I liked shopping with my friends.


Aamunavaus  Saksan reissusta

See you on Sunday in Norway!  Viivi, Eve, Valto, Emma, Netta, Aino

Here are our four new Erasmus Finland team members saying hello to everyone! They will travel to Germany next March. You can read their introductions among the others if you scroll down this page!

From the left: Aada, Heta, Helmi and Jonna (9th grade)

 Our diploma for the students!

Links to our students’ presentations:

Finnish baseball

Presentation about Evo Park Finland


Erkka Tuomisto, adventure park instructor 

Hugo Park, Aulanko, Hämeenlinna

My job is to guide the visitors in the adventure park, help them put on their climbing gear (harness, helmet, gloves). Sometimes I have to rescue people from the climbing track. I charge the customers and use the till. This is a temporary job for me and I’ve been here for a month now. I didn’t need real training for this job, I was just shown what to do.

The best thing in my job is working outdoors, being active, and the nice, cheerful customers. People come here to have fun, so they are happy. I also get to use my language skills with foreign visitors. There aren’t negative sides, if not rescuing situations sometimes. And staying on the ground while other people get to climb!

I think I have a healthy lifestyle myself. I go to the gym, run and I do Brazilian jujutsu. I think I should eat more salads and vegetables, though.

Interviewed by Terhi and teacher Hanna


Ben Ackland, PE teacher

St. Gregory’s College, Bath, England

I’m a PE teacher, so my job is to teach  different sports to my students – hockey, basketball, football and rugby. I also teach sports biology. The work is fun. I have been teaching for 2.5 years. I studied three years at the university, then did my teacher training and master’s degree.

The best thing about my job is to make school fun for the kids. I get to see the students in a different role than the one they have in a classroom. The hardest part is to give marks.

I keep fit by playing lots of sports, going to the gym and trying to eat healthy food. I am active and I try to eat less chocolate and other unhealthy things.

Interviewed by Viivi, Hanna, Meret, Grace and Elina

Marianne Virtanen, restaurant chef

Fazer Food Services, Iittalan yhtenäiskoulu

I make food for the students and also other local people here in Iittalan yhtenäiskoulu. I order food stuff and ingrediences and I manage the kitchen staff. I have worked as a chef for 28 years. I studied for two years at a cooking school.

The best thing about my job is the students and teachers, and my workmates. I like making food. Every day is different, it’s never boring.  There is nothing that I dislike in my job!

I think I have a healthy lifestyle. I have many hobbies. I like riding and I have horses and two dogs. I eat healthy food because I love life!

Intervewed by Martha, Mea, Emma and Maria

Juha Riisiö, nature guide

Evo tourism services, HAMK, Hämeenlinna

My job is to guide people in nature. I go hiking and canoeing with groups and I teach them about wildlife. I have done this work for seven years. I studied at Kuru college of forestry for one year.

The best thing is working with people and working outdoors! I don’t like the office work that I also have to do, because I hate sitting indoors.

I have a healthy lifestyle because my work is active outdoor life. I keep fit by doing sports. I have a dog that keeps me active, too.

Interviewed by Aino, Sini, Svea, Charlotte and Raffy

Eero Turunen, Physiotherapist, Crossfit trainer

Hospital Mehiläinen, Hämeenlinna

My work includes treating muscle-skeletal patients. I also give some manual therapy and help my patients with exercise. I’m also a crossfit trainer. I have had this job since the year 2003. I studied 3.5 years in Lappeenranta (eastern Finland) to become a physical therapist and then another 3.5 years in Helsinki to specialize in orthopaedic manual physical therapy. It is a specialised area of physiotherapy.

The best thing about my job is working with people. The hardest part is keeping up with all the new information that comes all the time.

I think I have quite a healthy lifestyle. I lead crossfit groups 5-6 times a week. I sleep well and eat healthy food.

Interviewed by Eve, Evie, Silja, Elin and Kreshma

Link to the slideshowErgonomics for teenagers by physiotherapist Eero Turunen


PROGRAMME: ERASMUS+ Fair Play in Iittala, Finland 6-12th of May 2018

 Sunday 6th

Flights arrive at Helsinki-Vantaa airport

Each group has their own taxi/minibus drive to Iittala school. The driver will meet you near the exit in the arrival hall.

The host families take the students to their homes. Teachers continue to their hotels.

Monday 7th

The guest students follow their host students to school either by taxi, car, (by bike?) or on foot.

8.30                    welcome and getting to know each other, programme of the week

10.10                  morning assembly with the whole school in the sports hall. Music by students, welcome by head                              teacher, introduction of our guests (maybe you could all tell something about your home country etc) 

10.40 -11.40 tour of school in groups, presentation of projects, announcement of the week’s Fair Player competition

11.40                  lunch + break

12.25-13.10      students on different lessons, Erasmus teachers have a meeting?

12.25-14.10           sports activities in the sports hall (battle ball, bubble football, wall climbing)

Tuesday 8th

9.00-9.45          students and teachers join lessons

break                  (coffee for teachers)

10.10-11.30     physiotherapist’s lecture on ergonomics, exercise and physical health


12.00                  bus leaves for Hämeenlinna (20min drive), a stop at Aulanko observation towerKuvahaun tulos haulle aulanko torni

13-15                 Hugo Park, climbing (possibly swimming baths or walking as an alternative)

Bus to Iittala or, if the students agree with their host families, they can stay in town for shopping etc.

Wednesday 9th

8.10                    bus leaves from Iittala school to Tampere – Varala sports institute

Activities organized by the institute, both outdoors and indoors

Lunch at Varala

12.45                  Bus to Tampere city centre, shopping timeKuvahaun tulos haulle tampere

15.00                  Bus leaves back to Iittala, teachers are taken to Hämeenlinna

Thusday 10th

8.30                    bus leaves from Iittala and picks the teachers in Hämeenlinna at 8.50

10-14                 Forest adventure in Evo nature park, canoeing, hiking, archery –  lunch in the forest

15pm                  bus leaves Evo


Friday 11th

9-11                    coding lesson for our guests, taught by 7th grade students and teacher Kalle Manninen                                      (Finnish  students are on their own lessons)

Erasmus   Teachers’ meeting

11-11.45           practice for evening gala


12-14                  Battle ball tournament

14-15                  a healthy snack, fair play votes, evaluation of the week

15-17                 cooking for the evening in cookery class, with teacher Tiina Mäenluoma

17.30-19.30     Evening gala with host families in our school restaurant

Saturday 12th



Active Monday afternoon in Iittala school sports hall   

Erasmus, ergonomics and exercise:

Varala sports institute, Tampere:

  Milking machine Crate climbing

 Kin ball = teamwork! Ball bouncer – like floor ball, but… not quite.

Evo nature park:

 Evo <3

 Erasmus teachers’ meeting

 Hooray for fair play in battle ball!

Snack, evaluation and fairplay vote:


Cooking for the evening 

Fair play prizes                    


Team Finland is waiting for you – last preparations are in process.


Erasmus + meeting in BATH Nov 2018

My visit to Bath by team Finland

My family in Bath hosted three girls, one from Norway, one from Germany, and then me.  Each of has had our own room. The family was really nice and hospitable. We did a lot of nice things together in the evenings. Bath is a very old town, and seemed very different to me at first. The houses were all light brown. It was nice to go shopping in the city centre. There were nice shops. I especially liked the lights there in the evening. The programme together with the other students was very nice and we had a lot of fun. My English vocabulary is very poor, but I managed well in the family and was able to find out everything by just asking again. I think I learned a lot!  – Terhi

My host family in Bath was very hospitable and they treated me as if I was part of their family. We had lots of fun and they completely understood me even if I didn’t know how to say something grammatically right. They showed me that they were truly interested in everything that I told them about Finland and my lifestyle. I’m really grateful for them being so nice to me, and above all, for hosting me a whole week. -Elena

My family in Bath was very kind and caring to me right from the first day. I felt I was part of the family the whole week. I saw a lot of my family’s hometown and experienced a lot as I could take part in the things the family was interested in. We went ice skating on a track, walked around the town looking at the lovely lights and buildings. I was a bit nervous about speaking English at first, but after a couple of days it went really well. This was my trip of a lifetime! – Mea

I found talking in English very hard on the first evening, because I was really tired after travelling the whole day. But after that, talking was easier. My host family had mom, dad, my “host sister” and her sister, and a cat and a gecko. The family was really friendly and they took good care of me. They were joking and they were sometimes very funny. If I didn’t understand something they tried their best to make me understand. The best experience was the trampoline park, and the spa where my family took me. I think the whole trip was very educative ad I liked being with my host sister and her family! – SIlja

My family lived on Horseshoe walk. They had a father, a mother and a son. My family also had two dogs called Bella and Lola. In my opinion, the best experience on the trip was the trampoline park. I had difficulties with speaking English first, but it soon became an everyday language. – Sini

We left for England on the 12th of November. On the first evening we talked a little about everything with my family. It was difficult because I was so tired. But my host family was nice and fun and they looked after me well. They could explain the words if I didn’t understand something. The family had a dad, a mom, an 11-year-old boy and a 12-year-old girl. The dad was half Italian. The family lives in Bristol. We had many different activities in Bath. I think my English improved during the trip! – Hanna

The anthem for our St Greg’s Ball tournament by team Finland:   Come and play

Here is a link to the slide show that our students used to tell about the Bath meeting at our own school in Iittala: Presentation about Bath



What does fair play mean? 

What is a healthy lifestyle like? – Posters by our Erasmus students 

This is our Finnish team


Hi! My name is Heta, I am 15 years old now, my birthday is in March. My family members are my parens and my little sister. She’s thwo years younger than me. I am interested in politics and I am a member of the local youth parliament. My other hobbies are scouting and reading.

Hi! My name is Aada and I am a 15-year-old girl from Finland. I live in a detached house with my mom and dad. I don’t have any sisters, but I have a lovely dog called Alma. My dearest hobby is dancing but I like road cycling, too. On holidays I like to travel in Europe, see different kind of cultures and meet local people!

Hi, my name is Jonna. I’m 14 years old, I was born in October. I live with my mom and my brother. My dad has passed away and my sister lives on her own. I have one dog, one cat ad two rabbits. I love movies, music, animals and drawing. I like to spend my freetime listening to music, watching Netflix and drrawing my thoughts. I have had a hard last year, but now I’m really waiting for the trip to Germany!

Hello! My name is Eveliina, I’m 14 and I’m from Iittala, Finland. I have a pretty big family: a sister, two brothers, two half-sisters and my parents and a stepdad. Plus a dog. My favourite colour is dark blue. I love watching Netflix and eating chocolate. I also spend my freetime by listening to music, hanging out with my friends and family, and sometimes doing workout.

My name is Viivi and I’m 14 years old. I have a mom and a dad, a little brother and two pets, a dog called Rymy and a bunny called Figaro. I love musicals and theater! My favourite musicals are Hamilton and Mamma Mia. I go to a theatre school n Hämeenlinna and an art school here in Iittala. My favourite colour is pastel pink. I like jogging every Saturday and Sunday. I spend my freetime with my hobbies, with my family and my friends, drawing and listening to Hamilton and other music.

I am Jere, a 14-year-old boy. I live in a detached house with my mom and my stepdad. We have three cats: Sumu, Hippi and Pamela. They are Norwegian forest cats. In my freetime I read a lot. I like fantasy, sci-fi and thrillers.  I enjoy spending time on my own. At school, I like maths the most. But I’m not so good at it. The purpose of life is to live according to you own beliefs.

I’m Sini. I’m fourteen years old. I’m into horseback riding and football. I have my own pony. Its name is Prince and it’s and Icelandic horse. My family: a mother, a father, two brothers and a sister. We have tow dogs. We live in a detached house in the center of Iittala. We have a large garden and we have a hot tub there.

I’m Aleksi and I’m a 14-year old boy from Finland. There are four of us in our family: two sisters (Nette and Venla) aged nine and ten and my mother. I play futsal once a week (indoor football). I love food, my favourite is pizza.

Hello, my name is Matias, and I live in Iittala, Finland. We live in our own house. I have three sisters, mom and dad. We have dog, too. I play football a lot. I play futsal (indoor football) in a local team called IPa and football in HJS, which is in Hämeenlinna.

I’m Karo, a 14-year-old boy from Finland. I have two brothers and mom and dad. We have a dog and a cat.  My hobby is football, I play in the local team. I also spend time playing games and hanging out with my friends. My favourite drink is Coca cola, my favourite sport: football, colour: red, food: kebab, TV series: Prison break, films: Star Wars and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Hello, my name is Valto. I’m a 14-year-old boy. I live in the countryside with my family: my mom, dad, elder sister and little brother. We have two turtles. I go to football practice 4-5 times a week. I’m active and I like doing sports a lot. My favourite school subject is PE, of course.

My name is Silja. I’m a 14-year-old girl.. I live with my mom, dad, me and our dog. I also have a brother and a sister but they have left home already. In summer I play football a lot, but in winter I play less. I like sports and chocolate. In my freetime I hang out with my friends and play football.

My name is Kata, I’m 14 years old and a girl. I have mum, dad, little brother, big sister and two dogs, called Turo and Heta. We live in a detached house. My hobbies are voluntary fire brigade and drawing. My favourite colours are… all the colours of the rainbow!

My name is Elena and I am a 14-year-old girl from Iittala, Finland. In my freetime I like to play football and hang out with my friends. There are five of us in my family. I have two siblings, a little brother called Akseli and a little sister called Tytti. And my mother and stepfather. I’m sorry to tell you that we don’t have any pets L

My name is Terhi and I live in Finland. I have a big family: mom, dad and ten sisters or brothers! My hobby is playing the flute. I like hanging out with my friends at weekends.

Hello my name is Emma, I’m a 14-year-old girl from the small village of Iittala in Finland. My birthday is on the 3rd of March. I have a dad and a stepmom. I have three bunnies: Diana, Jade and Ginny. I don’t have any special hobbies but in my freetime I like to take it easy and watch Netflix. I like being with my friends, too. My favourite colours are black and white and my favourite foods are pizza and tortillas.

My name is Mea. I’m a 14-year-old girl from Finland. I will be 15 in June. I have a sister, a half-sister and two half-brothers. Additionally, we are a foster family to two children. I live half with my mom and half with my dad. With my mom, I live in a semi-detached house, and we have two dogs and four cats there. My dad has a detached house. I’m a girl scout and we meet once a week. I hang out with my friends almost every day.

Hello, my name is Netta, I’m 14 years and a girl. I have a mom, a dad and an 11-year-old sister. We don’t have any pets. We live in a house in Iittala. I play football in a team once a week. I also do orienteering and I train (go running etc) about five times a week. I listen to music a lot, my favourite is Justin Bieber. At school I like PE the most!

My name is Hanna, I am 15 years old. I have mom, dad, sister Ella (soon 18 years) and a dog, Pyry. I sometimes go out with him. I’ve played the violin for six years. I go to violin lesson once a week. I also play football in a local girls’ team, usually three times a week. And then I hang out with my friends. I like English and Swedish.

Our group consists of 18 students from grade 8. So they are all about 14 years old. We are doing this project on our extra time, sometimes working on English or Finnish lessons or on breaks.

welcome to our school

Movie about Iittala
Movie about Iittalan yhtenäiskoulu