Day 4 in Finland: Bus to Tampere and a lot of impressive opportunities

Today, we started our day even more early! We are all ready for leaving Iittala behind and driving with the bus (“bussi”) to Tampere, the third-largest city in Finland. It took about an hour to get there and the drive was absolutely worth it: we went directly to the Varala sports institute, where five instructors were waiting for us!

Our Erasmus+ team were split into 4 groups and everyone just needed to put on the helmet: we were learning a lot about climbing, securing each other with ropes and overcoming the fear of height! No matter if you stack drinks crates onto each other to go as high as possible or if you try to balance on a tightrope (which is like a slackline made of steal), there was adrenaline for everyone! And besides having fun in the sun (and next to a beautiful lake), we learned a lot about how strong our body actually is, our physical condition and how to outgrow ourselves!
After playing with a big ball (1m in diameter) and a weird but funny version of hockey, we had a very healthy lunch at the sports institute: we had coconut chicken with fresh salad and freshly baked bread. Now we know why this is a perfect meal for sportive young people like us.
By the way, this bread could be topped with butter coming out of a machine!!!!
After lunch we were excited and tired, but still ready for a little shopping tour through Tampere. As the weather was still very nive and sunny, we had a beautiful afternoon at the shopping mall and the waterfront nearby.