Second day in Finland: learning about physio and how to strengthen the body (and trying it out at Hugo Park)

Even early in the morning (at around 5.30am) the sun was already shining!!! Nevertheless, our students had to be at school on time for a nice presentation and a physiotherapist’s lecture on ergonomics, exercise and physical health. We learned what a “text neck” is and how we can handle back pain caused by long sitting on a chair. We made exercises and everyone could check how fit he/she is and how everyone can do these kind of exercises in the everyday life easily.
After lunch at school we went to Hugo Park in Aulanko. We were all very astonished by the beauty of the Finnish landscape and the many opportunities the Hugo Park had to offer. Our team went climbing on trees with different levels of height. If someone is not sure and feels insecure, you can train and test yourself on the ground and as soon as you are ready to go: HAVE FUN IN THE TREES!