Team Germany is ready for Finnland (and on its way)

Today is the day our six girls were waiting for.. we met at the airport in Hannover at 7am in the morning, with the luggage packed for a fun-filled week in Finland.

We were flying from Hannover to Munich first, where we changed flights to get to Helsinki on time!

All our luggage made it as well and our bus (now we know that bussi means bus in finnish) was waiting for us at Terminal 1.. the German team was tired but happy to see the beautiful landscape of Finnland with a lot of sunshine! And you know what? The weather forecast looks pretty sunny! We are sure to be heading forward to an awesome week…

Just after arriving at school, our girls were picked up by their host families! They had dinner together and went to bed early to be ready for starting a great week in Iittala and its breathtaking surroundings!