Final day in Finland: Returning back to Germany

Last morning in sunny Finland, and the sun was shining so bright, we hardly could think about entering the plane to Munich (and then another plane to Hannover)…

But as the luggage was packed and every piece of it was not too heavy, Team Germany took a nice bus back to Helsinki Airport. Just after arriving at the wrong terminal, we easily found the right one within close walking distance: fortunately, the airport is not too big and well structured: we found the Lufthansa gate and got rid of our luggage soon to have enough time for a tasty (and healthy) lunch.. our flight to Munich was right on time and changing flights was easy!

The flight to Hannover was a little late but fast and we could finally meet our friends and families right after arrival.. all our members from Team Germany got home safely and quickly and we are sure they will have many stories to tell:

Stories about Finnland, about being together in a foreign country as a team, about going to your very own borders and beyond, and last but not least: a personal and private story about spreading the idea of our project: meeting foreign people with respect, fairplay and team spirit and keeping a wonderful week in Finnland in mind, forever!