Day 6: Working together in school and winning the tournament

We started early again today with a teacher´s meeting, while the students learned how to use the iPad in Norwegian classes. As Norway is much more innovative concerning the use of iPads in school, they all could learn a lot.
After preparing dinner for the gala event tonight, we had a little lunch, before playing the Norwegian game “Serveball” against each other. After almost 4 hours of playing, we had a winning team from Norway and England.
After getting some rest at the host families, we met together for a nice evening event. After having a delicious dinner, we were watching the performances from Norway, England, Germany and Finland on stage. As all students voted for the most fair team players of the week, we had a ceremony as well.
It was an exhausing but adventurous and fun week and this event was the highlight of the week.. thank you so much for all the efforts and for such a great week for our project! We will always keep these unforgettable days in mind 🙂