Back after the Easter holidays with a lot of preparation work…

After several weeks of Easter holidays in Germany, we went back to work today! ? And we have a lot to do right from the beginning.. next Friday we will have an Open-door day in our school and, of course, Erasmus+ will be represented. We have started decorating our own classroom with tons of banners, logos and the website link.
We will offer some healthy candy and the chocolate cookies (with many calories) we used to eat a few weeks ago (click here to read the post about what we did with high-calorie cookies): we will have a little quiz and all visitors will have to estimate how long it takes to get rid of the calories while doing sports.

Besides, we will show our project website on a projection system and we will invite all kids to learn digitally about Erasmus und Europe and play some games.
Of course, we will all wear our hoodies and t-shirts, as we are expecting a sunny day on Friday with temperatures around 20-22 degrees.
We are all looking forward to having a great day while representing our project and our team ?

By the way: Are you wondering about the picture connected with this post? It is meant to be a reminder of visiting and writing into the forum!
Many of the host students from Finland are writing messages to their future guests and we just love the idea to connect each other before we meet in Finland in about 4 weeks ?