The workout and the cookie…

Today, we are back in the classroom. The shopping from our last week´s trip to a supermarket around the corner is eaten and we started to write reports about it. How many (and what) products did we find? What are we missing in such a local store? What did I learn for my future shopping habits?

Besides writing on some evaluation, we were ready for an experiment. Inspired by this video (Link to Youtube) we wanted to find out, how much workout we have to do to work off a chocolate cookie.
First, we needed some cookies and Mrs. Lampe got us some big ones ?
After that, we waited for about half an hour and then did some sporty exercises in the classroom and around the whole school. It took us 25 minutes to get rid of that cookie. It was fun and learning at the same time… next time we eat a cookie, we are aware of what our body has to do to digest and burn calories from candy, cookies and sweets!