We are working hard on the first results..

Every Wednesday in Hannover, Germany, between 1.30pm and 3.15pm, 18 students are coming together for Erasmus+… everyone of them is using a laptop and we currently working on several things: getting presentations done about sports and healthy living in our school, about sports and healthy living in Hannover and team sports in Germany in general. Our 6 students traveling to England in November are also working on a presentation about Bath.
The 5 girls and the boy are already very excited and cannot wait to enter the airplane to London Heathrow..

At the moment, we are also designing our new team shirts, getting a lot of things done with our new website, preparing everything for the first trip to Bath in less than a month and writing texts about ourselves and put them on the website as soon as possible to introduce ourselves personally to England, Finland and Norway 🙂

We will also have a professional cheerleading training next Wednesday. Pretty exciting things are happening! 🙂