Transnational meeting in Germany

Finally, our first meeting in 2018!!!
After arriving at the airport on Sunday January 28th, all teachers from England, Finland and Norway came together the next morning. Before going back to work, our German students guided the teachers through their school and showed them all classrooms and nice places to go.

The weather outside was stormy but we were all in good mood and ready to work together again, discussing our week in England in November and planning the forthcoming trip to Finland in May.
With the help of a lot of cookies and coffee we had a productive and nice conversation about how to do further evaluation about the trip to England and who will be coming to Finland (students and teachers). We had a look at the results of all questionnaires from Bath and how far we are concerning our projects goals.
After going for lunch, all teachers joined to class of fifth graders who prepared questions and tried to have a conversation with our visiting teachers. They did such a great job as they are learning English for less than half a year!!!
After this nice experience we had a healthy lunch at school. After eating and talking we left school for a guided tour through Hannover. A 2-hour walking tour along the historic sites of Hannover without any rain at all. We were so lucky 🙂

On Tuesday we met again very early at school to enter a coach who took us with our German Erasmus+ students to Hemme Milch, a local company selling diary products in Northern Germany. The German teachers have prepared a questionnaire as well, which very well corresponded to the one at the White Row Farm in England. The students travelling to Bath in November were supposed to compare the two local farms and shops and have a closer look at the distribution and business concepts.
The rest of the German students who have not been to England filled out the questionnaire as well and will keep it in mind for their trips to Finland and Norway.
After our visit to Hemme Milch we were allowed to have a tasting of their fresh milk drinks, flavored with strawberry, chocolate or vanilla.

In the late afternoon, all teachers joined a celebration at school. The vice principle went into retirement and  our whole Erasmus+ team has been invited.
On wednesday morning we had a productive conversation again. We had a closer look at our e-book and its chapters, did some more evaluation (about the project itself, our website, the forums and our results so far).
We were watching the instructional video about St. Gregory´s ball and did some more planning for Finland and Norway.
Now we are ready to go further and work together again on our next steps of this great project 🙂