Third day: meeting the Mayor of Bath…

… and a lot more happened today!

After meeting again in the Bond Pavilion at St. Gregory’s, we all went on a coach to travel to the centre of Bath, where the Mayor was waiting for us.  Mr. Ian Gilchrist had prepared a friendly welcome for all of us and was willing to answer every questions of our students.

After this nice meeting in the Guild Hall of Bath we got to know the Roman Baths. Every student could walk around on his/her own with the opportunity to listen to an audioguide in English or German.
After seeing the Roman Bath, everyone is invited to taste the water, which is full of healthy minerals!  Right after our visit of the Roman Baths that, by the way, belongs to the World Heritage, we went to the White Row Farm.
After lunch we had the great chance to taste the locally grown food there, talk and interview the staff and taking photos for a picture documentary.
We tried oranges, mandarines and even roast beef and it was delicious! An unforgettable visit with lots of opportunities for our students to learn a lot about healty living, the advantages of local food and the great idea of a working system called “from crop to shop”!