Fifth day: final day in Bath and a great day to be sportive together

Today is our last day.. after arriving at school, we had our tournament of the sports St. Gregory´s has invented in advance.

We have already played and trained it on Monday, so everyone knew how to play it.
We had a tournament with the sports teacher from St. Gregory´s as a referee and UK was the winner in the end.
We had a lot of fun playing this new kind of sports, which consists of a mixture between basketball and netball.
Finland was singing the hymn in advance and Germany was cheerleading and screaming to cheer on the other teams.
It was fun being together and we are looking forward to the publishing of the official rules and the instructional videos!
After the tournament, the students accompanied their UK host students to some school lessons.
The teachers were having a meeting in the meanwhile with some discussions about how to go on with the project and what aspects will be more important in the future.

In the evening, we all met again for our celebration after a long and exciting week.
We all had our performances on stage and the trophies (one very big one and three made of chocolate) has been distributed. The UK has been voted  as the final winner for sports and fairness and they were all really proud of the big trophy which will surely find its own place within St. Gregory´s.
After every student being on stage, we sang “We are the champions” together and everyone felt very lucky to be part of our project. What a great week, thank you so much, UK team!!! We will never forget our week in Bath and a great kick-off for our project.
See you all again in Finland in May! 🙂