Day 2: Getting to know each other at school

The first day began with a nice meeting at Sodin Skole that has been interrupted by a fire alarm (a false alarm, fortunately)… we got to know each other and took a nice tour around the school.
Joining the MOT lesson was very interesting and something we would love to have (and teach) in Germany! Our students said it felt good to be encouraged to stand up for his/her own opinion and listening to themselves. Being courageous enough to make own decision is something that helps being confident for your own future!
After having delicious lunch (prepared by our Norwegian hosts) we tried to play Serveball, the newly invented sports from Norway, together for the first time. All teams were well trained and knew the rules, so we had a lot of fun playing it… we are already looking forward to the official games on Friday.
This Monday has been a great start of the week… thank you Norway for being such a great host!