Advertising our Erasmus+ team in Germany!

Last wednesday, the German team was holding some presentations about some details of our trip to Bath: we had 3 groups presenting trampoline jumping, healthy nutrition and St. Greg´s ball.
What did our students learn about these 3 topics? Is there anything they did not know before? Did they remember some recipes from the chef who was cooking for us at St. Gregory´s? Did they learn anything new about trampoline jumping?
YES THEY DID! For example, they remembered so many details about the safety instructions at the Flip Out Trampoline Park, what they we were allowed to do and what tricks they learned.

Besides, we began to work on an exhibition wall to show the other students in our school what Erasmus+ is all about. We got a nice new wall to decorate and we spent the whole time to paint, tinker and cut out letters, maps and flags. We will upload pictures of it as soon as we are ready! 🙂

Next wednesday, we will have a little Christmas celebration with lots of cookies, candles and a new group picture! We will upload it here afterwards! ?