First day of our Erasmus+ programme in Bath

Monday 13th of November 2017:

First night is done : all students are fine and very friendly welcomed in their host families. All together registered in the morning at Saint Gregory’s School in Bath.
After a warm welcome from the administration and Head of School the teams practised England´s newly devised sports game.
4 new mixed teams, new rules and most important for all of them: fair play and passing the basketball as often as they can. The hardest challenge for everyone of them was to understand the rules explained by the highly motivated PE teacher.
Every team had lots of fun and did a good job in fair play. After having a warm lunch together in the school canteen we stepped into a healthy lifestyle talk by a chef from Sodexo. Lots of new information about nutrition, cooking healthy foid and how everybody is able to live a healthy life. The chef added some very impressive facts: Did you know? You need 66.000 liters of fresh water to get 2 pounds of meet. And a hand full of mungo beans will give you the same amount of protein like you can find in half a chicken breast.
After so much knowledge and important facts about nutrition and cooking, all teams started their presentations about their school and sports abilities.


After that, we had a short interview with Dave, a marathon runner from Bath, who will be accompanying us throughout the week. He has been on 27 professional marathons and had a lot of interesting facts to tell.

Our first day together with all teams ended at 3:15 pm with returning to the kids´ homestays for a nice and entertaining evening with their host families.