Day 4: Visiting Kristiansund

Today, the bus took us to Kristiansund, a small town about 100km away from Kyrksæterøra and we had to take a ferry boat on our way there. Just after arriving we went on a little hike to a tower above the city with a great view of Kristiansund and the surrounding landscape with the stormy Atlantic Ocean.
While some of our group got a lot closer to the Atlantic by walking all the way down, the other group went to a shopping center nearby.
After lunch, we all met again at Atlanterhavsbadet for some sporty activities like swimming, jumping and riding on a slide.
On our way back, the sea was pretty rough and some of us even got seasick! Fortunately, the ferry boat only needed about 25 minutes… but in the end, everyone was fine and we had a sportive and fun day.