Fairplay: Peace and tolerance through S.P.O.R.T.S • Erasmus+

Germany is working on the presentions for Bath

Only a few days left until we meet at the airport for our flight to London. Germany is currently working hard to get all things done right in time: the presentations were ready to be hold today and letters to our host family have all been written. We are so excited and counting the days until Sunday. Ladies and Gentlemen, get your luggage ready for a great week in Bath!!!

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What is Fair Play?

The team from Finland asked itself this question: What is Fair Play? What does “being fair” mean for sports and in general life? Now we can focus on our new kind of sports in the UK and try to figure out rules that make the fairest team win 🙂

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Cheerleading again and talking about sports and nutrition

After preparing the presentations for Bath, the German team was ready for some cheerleading again. This time, our sports hall was busy, so we just used the hall next to our Erasmus+ meeting room. Our students are more and more excited about the upcoming trip to England.. but there is a lot more to be done yet. The flights are booked and our trip to London prior travelling to Bath on Sunday has already been planned. We have to get up very early as we meet at 5.15 at the airport in Hannover. Our arrival in London Heathrow will be[…]

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